Getting Around Knoxville

Getting into Knoxville, Tennessee, by plane is a fairly simple affair. This city is serviced by McGhee Tyson Airport, which serves as a relatively important travel hub in the region. This airport has many non-stop flights to and from major cities all over the United States, and this fact makes McGhee Tyson Airport an excellent place to enter Knoxville.

If you are arriving in Knoxville by plane, there are several different rental car agencies that you may consider on location. Knoxville is a city that is serviced by public transport, but one of the best ways to see the sites is by car. If you are driving around Knoxville, you'll find that the roads are in good repair and relatively spacious. Parking is available in almost all locations, but it can be rather tricky to find a good spot when things are busy downtown or near the University of Tennessee.

The Knoxville public transit system is known as the Knoxville Area Transit, or KAT. This bus system is relatively comprehensive through the city, but stops are infrequent, occuring only once an hour at most stops. There is a bus terminal downtown, which serves an excellent hub for tourists as well. There are also special routes that are set for city events and some bus services that are especially designed to help students of the university get around. There is also a free downtown trolley that may be useful for people who are visiting.

Knoxville is not considered to be an especially walking-friendly town, though progress has been made. There are not many sidewalks, especially along busy roads, and the sprawling nature of the town can make getting around on foot a problem. However, you can take advantage of some of the greenways, like the Sequoyah Greenway, which travels along the median of Cherokee boulevard. It serves as both a walking and running path that goes from the Sequoyah neighborhood into downtown, and it can also be used as bicycle route. The city's greenways are an excellent way to explore some parts of Knoxville, though they will not necessarily take you everywhere.

Cyclists fare slightly better than walkers, and there are several greenways that allow cyclists to comfortably travel from some of the suburbs straight into downtown. Many of the greenways which are intended for walkers are a very comfortable ride for even the most casual cyclists, though cyclists should always keep in mind that there may be pedestrians about.