Shopping in Knoxville

Knoxville, Tennessee, is home to eclectic antique stores, local boutiques, multiple shopping malls, large super centers, and various markets. Most of the local stores are influenced by the local university students and have many of the latest trends. If smaller and eclectic boutique stores strike your fancy, downtown Knoxville is the place to be. Some of the popular boutiques include Bliss, Crass Boutique, and Earth to Old City. If you are interested in music, there are two record stores in downtown Knoxville, Hot Horse Records and Lost and Found Records.

Environmentally friendly shopping can also be found in downtown, at JulieApple, a store that specializes in sustainable and fair labor produced bags, and Reruns, a popular consignment store. Village Marketplace also sells fair trade goods from various countries, including Kenya and Bangladesh. From spring to fall, you can find local fruit, vegetables, meat, and bread at the Farmer's Market at Market Square. Finally, make sure you stop in for some local jelly and candy at Mast General Store, which has been in Knoxville since 1883.

If national chain stores and shopping malls call your name, head out to east or west Knoxville. Knoxville Center Mall is in east Knoxville, with over 130 stores, a movie theater, and a large food court. East Knoxville is also home to many strip malls, with numerous well-known stores throughout. West Town Mall, another large shopping mall, can be found in west Knoxville. West Town Mall has over 150 of the most popular stores. Love antiques and open air markets? Gatehouse Antique Market and Homespun Craft and Antique Market are both in west Knoxville, and contain some of the best shopping finds in the city.

North and south Knoxville do not have as many stores for shopping, but both areas do still have some gems. South Knoxville features Emery's 5 & 10, an eclectic store with a variety of items and a traditional candy counter, and Tea & Treasures, where the customer can drink tea while shopping for antiques, local art and gifts, and tea. You can also head up to north Knoxville to visit Village Fine Art, a store that offers original art, sculptures, and other gift items. For the bicycle enthusiast, north Knoxville also offers Fountain City Pedaler, the best store in the city for anything cycling related.